Night Embassy

NIGHT EMBASSY is a 2-week residency sponsored by Jägermeister exploring the future of Berlin’s nightlife with curated exhibition, panels, performances and club nights.

I joined as part of collective Digi-Gxl in collaboration with music collective CO:QUO


"New technologies means new horizons on the dancefloor: CO:QUO x Digi-Gxl are breaking boundaries and exploring what it means to be human, in increasingly virtual environments with AI, VR and a focus on quality music and inclusivity."

video installation of dancing avatars with live performance

(people in the picture above, top to bottom - Navild Acosta, Rude Vianna)

You can check out our dancing avatar video here.

3d printed light-reactive necklace (3d modelled by Harriet Davey, modified by me, 3d printed by Caroline Barrueco, in the picture - Miriam Woodburn

video clip from my VJ set for Alison Swing


collaboration between Digi-Gxl Berlin and CO:QUO

motion capture tech support Mimic Productions

dancing avatars video Maria Gudjohnsen

photography by Camille Blake